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I went from the land of Tea and Weather (England) to the land of Maple Syrup and Mooses - Canada!

I'm over here for a little thing called FanExpo Canada ;) For those of you who don't know what that is -it's a massive and beautiful convention held each year in Toronto ^0^

This year I'v got myself a booth *grins happily*

Fanexpomap by DestinyBlue

Artists Alley Booth 555, it's like the less evil version of 666, there's no devils or anything here, just little blue misfit and her glowing art :heart:

If you are at the show looking for me your best bet is to find the artists tables and walk down down the aisle between the booths and tables, as that's where I'll be! Yes, for the whole 4 days! :D

Anyone going to come and say hello?! :D :dance: I give good hugs ;)

For those inquiring, yes, I will be at NYCC next month (and of course MCM London in October) 

Thanks for eveyone's support in Dublin Ireland last weekend :) Turned out to be one of 'those weekends' though XD Show was quieter than hoped, which sometimes can't be helped, but then heading home the bus to the airport never showed up, so I grabbed a taxi but there were major road works holding us up, so I missed check-in for my flight by 5 minutes! Arg! Had a little cry, pulled myself together, then spent all the profits I made on the weekend for a new flight. I would have stayed an extra nigh and chilled in Dublin if I didn't have another flight to Toronto to be on! -After a pretty intense session of packing, traveling, and airport deja-vu, I did manage to catch the right flight to Toronto, and I now write this from a lovely hotel room in a lovely city :heart:
It's cool, shizzel happens, life carries on :heart: onwards and upwards and new places! :D

Peace, Love and Eh
Blue xx

Happy 15th birthday to DeviantArt! Who doesn't like a good quiz? ;)
    1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
      - 11 years!

    2. What does your username mean?
      - The Blue part comes from well when I dyed by hair blue at 12 my dad started calling me Blue. It miiiight also be my favourite colour ;) The Destiny part I chose because I like the idea of destiny, where as fate is predetermined, you carve your own destiny, a meaningful path you have agency over. :)

    3. Describe yourself in three words.
      - Creative, Resilient, Growing.

    4. Are you left or right handed?
      - Right. My handwriting is actually pretty terrible :P

    5. What was your first deviation?
      Saving at Oeilvert by DestinyBlue A Final Fantasy IX Oekaki! I still kind of like it XD I thought I was bad to colouring because I spent ages choosing the colours XD

    6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
      - Art with meaning. To connect and talk through my drawings means so much to me :heart:

    7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
      - Oohh, ummm... not really a style, but my brain had problems with grasping perspective, having a deeper functioning understanding of that would be a great help (because I probably wont attain instant mastery, I'm studying perspective to get better at it ;))

    8. What was your first favourite?
      - I remember being completely in awe of this piece...  woodelf by janaschi actually I'm still in awe of it! XD

    9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
      - I suppose I'm drawn to similar stuff that I draw; I'm really interesting in how other artists play with colour, and I adore for a piece of art to take me somewhere, or make me feel something :)

    10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
      - Eesh, what a questions! Well since this is a bit of a retrospective, I'll select and artist who an artist who influenced me a lot back in the day: MichelleHoefener  a lot of the old works I used to adore she's taken down now, but pieces like theseTwilight Waltz by MichelleHoefener and Sherbet by MichelleHoefener  captivated me back at the start of my journey. ~Actually it's her birthday today as well! :heart:

    11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
      - I'd love to go to DeviantArt HQ and meet DA's founder spyed, as well as staff like madizzlee (who actually tagged me to do this XD) Moonbeam13, Heidi, and techgnotic, and see how this place is run! :D 

    12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
      - Sometimes I have bad days. Like, really bad days. Logging onto DeviantArt and reading supportive messages can make a huge difference. There's not just one deviant who's impacted my life, there are so many :heart:

    13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
      - Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI. Though I take pencil and sketchpad wherever I go :)

    14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
      -The rolling hills of England provide me with a great feeling of peace, and I love being outside with nature, -Though digital art is not so easy to create outside! XD At the moment I live in London, but I often dream about my ideal house in the countryside... (with hidden rooms, library, staircase slide, emblems, Aperture Science test facility basement, and not forgetting a beautiful art study ;)

    15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
      - Being given the Deviousness Award:

      Celebrating Deviousness - July 2015

      In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
      Introducing DestinyBlue
      “It's probably a true to say I would not be a professional artist were it not for DeviantArt. When I joined the site 11 years ago I didn't want to be an artist, I just wanted to draw; I never imagined this place would help carve my career in art. But then I never expected a lot of what happened to me to happen. My early works were filled with fantasy, but art grew to be more than just a creative outlet for me, it grew to be an emotional one. As times got darker so did my work, drawing gave me a channel to explore and express my feelings, and through DeviantArt, I could connect, and it's been these personal connections, to thousands of people, of
       Can't imagine a greater honor on here *wiped away single tear*

Happy birthday DeviantArt! I've been with you most of the way, and it's been great to see this site grow and flourish. I know at the moment there is some discontentment with the rebrand and core, but I know the heart of the community are the wonderful people and interactions that happen on here :heart:
I'll certainly be sticking around! :heart:

Head over to  Celebrate DeviantArt's 15th Birthday!As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your home for art. After all, it's the community's 15th birthday, too, and in the past few months, we've been making it our top priority to share with you our plans for the future, celebrate the successes of our past, and look to you for guidance on how best we can serve each of you while entering this new phase of DeviantArt's existence.

As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your h
 if you'd like to do your own 
#deviantartistquestionnaire quiz! ^-^

Peace, Love and Birthday Cake
~Blue xx

Teeth brushed and ready to tuck myself into bed, thought I would read a new note which had just popped into my DeviantArt inbox...

It turned out to be a lot more sinister than I was expecting...

scamDA by DestinyBlue

My heart beat faster as I tired to make sense of it. 'Death will be your destiny' Does someone wants to kill me? Who? Why? What?

I've had people say some pretty harsh stuff, but nothing along these lines. Is this a troll, or am I actually in danger? Do I phone the police? Report it to DeviantArt? I knew it was probably a troll, scammer, hacker, trickster, but still felt uneasy. I knew there probably wasn't someone out to kill me, but anxiety jumps in the pool before rationality has put its swimming costume on. ( and I have a very vivid imagination, as you might have realised by now ;)

So I googled the name and email address hoping to come up with something, but nothing. So I copy and pasted the contents of the message into google. Where results showed up that this is pretty much word for word a 'Hitman Scam'; In 2012 it was sent to hundreds of Australians via SMS, trying to extort money out of them. It's been doing the rounds via email and the world since then. ~It's currently going through DeviantArt!

My message seems lightly more personal as it has 'destiny' at the end. But it looks like in recent days a lot of people on DeviantArt have received a very similar message: New DA Scammer? Scaming Bastards

Thought I'd share this information with you all, so you peeps can be in the know, as it's a pretty weird, and frankly scary message to receive... but It's just a scam, no ones after you, just your money! :) The whole thing is absurd, but the most absurd thing is they are targeting artists - y'know, the guys who don't have that kind of money anyway! XD

If you do get the note: Don't reply, don't email, report it to DA, and possibly law enforcement.

Please feel free to share this and pass the message on so others can be informed.

Now I'm off to bed and will sleep better knowing no ones coming to kill me... I hope ;) :heart:

Peace, Love and Protection,
~Blue xx
Keeping you guys updated on happenings in my (rather busy) life! :heart:

Because I love long fights and jet-lag I decided to travel over to Australia for the second time this year! XD :heart:Fbsydney by DestinyBlue

Sydney and Perth this time~ for Supanova!

I had a good few days before the show to explore and sort things out over there. But I managed to completely screw up my body clock when I slept through my alarm (earplugs too successful) and sleep for 16 hours on the second night! Arg! There's 10 hours time difference England to Australia, and it's their winter so it's harder to reset your body lock as there's less sun. I was out there for 3 weeks and I honestly only got on track with sleeping wen it was time to go again! XD Oh well... I still did it! ;)

Many of you saw I put out a call for helpers, and four awesome ladies were chosen to help the cause on the southern hemisphere :D
Two super girls helped me in Sydney -Amy (ArmadaPaw)  and Caitlyn, and below are my loverly helpers for Perth, Ash and Ehryn (Ehryn): 

Photo 1 (5) by DestinyBlue
Sporting the mandatory uniform of set-up -Hi-Viz!

11014896 1590386937887673 4261946409333613969 N by DestinyBlue  Ggggg by DestinyBlue

It's me! it's not hard to tell I haven't slept and am running on caffeine! XD 

Photo 1 (4) by DestinyBlue

Happy to report Woolworths is still alive and well out here! ;)

Photo 5 (4) by DestinyBlue

Oh the flight back I was offered a super cheap upgrade to business class as the flight was overbooked and I'm a frequent flyer! Yes please! ^0^
Photo 2 (5) by DestinyBluePhoto 4 (4) by DestinyBlue

The staff addressed me by fist name and offered my champagne before we took off! The chair turns into a bed and I was in heaven for 11 hours! It was a night flight so the cabin was dimmed so I don't have any great photos, but I got a three course meal, cocktails, warmed nuts, tea, chocolate, a vanity bag with lots of smelly things in. This is probably the only time I'll experience business class in my life, so I made the most of it! XD I didn't actually watch any movies, just draw and read and enjoyed not being squashed! :D

Photo (6) by DestinyBlue Photo (7) by DestinyBlue

I was back where I belonged in Economy for the second 8 hour leg though! XD

After touching down back on English soil, without a day to recover, I hopped on the Eurostar and headed over to Paris, France to exhibit at the 4 day beast that is Japan Expo:
Photo 2 (8) by DestinyBlue
Stall all set up and almost ready to open!

Photo 3 (10) by DestinyBlue
Saw some amazing cosplays while over there! DestinyBlue meets Destiny Island! XD

Lest you think my life is too glamours here's my evening meal after the convention:
Photo 1 (9) by DestinyBlue

You guys are so kind: ;-;
 Photo 3 (9) by DestinyBlue Photo (9) by DestinyBlue

First photo are the kind gifts and drawings given to me in Australia, yes, someone made a rubix cube with my drawings on it! (Thanks Rebekah!)
The in France artists were out in force to make me feel welcome, and I now have over 10(!) new beautiful drawings to put on my wall! Thank you so much everyone! ^0^ I honestly have the most wonderful supporters :hug:
(I'm sorry I can't remember everyone's usernames to tag drawings right now, drop me a message if you see your art here and I'll tag you! :heart:)

But no rest for the wicked ;) I'm at Hyper Japan Friday to Sunday this week! Ahh, why do I do this to myself? XD :)
HyperJapan 950x440px by DestinyBlue
Anyone else going to Hyper Japan? :D I am, and I have lots of printing to do for it! :P

Thanks for all your kind comments congratulating me for the Deviousness award! I am so proud and humbled ;-; You can read the article here:  Celebrating Deviousness - July 2015

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing DestinyBlue
“It's probably a true to say I would not be a professional artist were it not for DeviantArt. When I joined the site 11 years ago I didn't want to be an artist, I just wanted to draw; I never imagined this place would help carve my career in art. But then I never expected a lot of what happened to me to happen. My early works were filled with fantasy, but art grew to be more than just a creative outlet for me, it grew to be an emotional one. As times got darker so did my work, drawing gave me a channel to explore and express my feelings, and through DeviantArt, I could connect, and it's been these personal connections, to thousands of people, of

I'm hoping DeviantArt is a monarchy so the crown makes me some kind of royalty ;) Haha

Peace, Love and Awesomeness,
Blue xxxxxx
This month DeviantArt has decided to bestow me with the award of 'Deviousness'! They've given me a crown for my profile and everything! The announcement article is here: I have to say I am happily stunned. I never would have thought I would be considered for such a honour! It's also poignant because this award comes at a time when things are taking off for me, mentally I'm getting better, and I'm finally earning enough to make an actual proper living as an Artist (with a capital A ;))

DeviantArt has truly been instrumental in allowing me to become a professional artist. When I started drawing, being an artist meant doing commissions, or working for a publisher, or applying to a curated gallery, but all I wanted to do was draw. So I did. I thought it might be a nice to share my drawings with others, so, 11 years ago, I started to put my art onto this little website called DeviantART. I never had any formal training in art past highschool, so in many ways DA has been a teacher, people would tell me what they liked about my stuff, and would also point of the wonky hand or dodgy eyes and give me tips, and that spurred me on to be better, to push my improvement. It also let me connect with people. It's no secret my art deals with darker themes sometimes, and these personal connections to people have been so important to me throughout these rollercoaster 11 years. 

It was in 2010 I did my first even convention: I traveled from London to Dundee Scotland, on a whim and without a proper table booking, just an email that they might have a spare table. Luckily they let me in and I had my first taste of selling my art. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!, Meeting people and hearing feedback on my drawings was fun and rewarding, I even managed to turn a small profit! Imagine that! making money from my art! It was a great feeling. So I booked some more conventions later in the year, and haven't stopped with them since. Now a lot of people who I meet at conventions have seen my art before online, which is a big change :) I have now been able to give up the various jobs I've done part time to support myself and I now make a (very modest) living from my art through conventions and print sales. I still don't know if I should use the term 'professional' for myself as I still don't do any commissions or draw for anyone else. I just draw whatever I feel like, and I'm so happy people like it enough to support me.

'Making it on your own' on social media wasn't an option when I started, there wasn't a mold to fit into, I didn't even dare to dream I could be a professional artist. So I had no idea it would work out like this! I just wanted to draw. So when my Deviousness Award says "DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists" it sounds almost unfathomable to me! How did that happen?! But i am so happy and grateful it has worked out like it has. I get an immense satisfaction and joy from what I do. I'm so glad so many connect with my art! I love meeting people though the conventions, though often the work that goes into organising them can feel unrelenting (so much goes on behind the scenes for planning, preparing and printing for a convention, especially overseas) but it's also a dream come true. The next goal is working out how to get in more time to draw and develop my skills -as you can see I haven't uploaded a drawing in a month! I am also quite aware, like everything in life, this could slip though my fingers (and that's okay too) I'll work hard at it, and try hard. But no one ever said living as an artist wasn't precarious!  XD

It's beautiful to get this recognition from DeviantArt. Reading all the wonderful things people said about me was so heartwarming. (How did they find you?!) I feel humbled and proud, which are tough to feel together, but welcome to my emotional life ;)

I write this from a Eurostar train to Paris, after touching down from Australia yesterday. I'm planning to post a journal about this adventure, so keep an eye out for that!
I'm in Paris for Japan Expo. In the 'Young Designers' section D111, at the back (where I will be literally melting)
It might well be the last time I do this show, so please come say hello if you'd like to ^-^

Thank you! :heart:

Peace, Love and Crowns
Blue x
'ello, how're y'all? '':D

I write this from the future! 

10 hours into the future in fact, I touched down onto Australian soil a few days ago, and my body clock hasn't been the same since! I need a good 9 hours a night, and have has about 5 in total since I got here, my face has pretty much looked like grumpy cats since I arrived. But I'll get back to that...

So, just wanted to do a little recap of what's been going down, and what I've been up to, keeping you informed ^-^

So, MCM London Comic Con happened! My hometown show. It took ages to prepare for, but was certainly worth all those hours spent printing and sorting! :heart:

Bag by DestinyBlue

I met this lovely lady who had the most awesome bag and phone background (10 points to her!) Sweet bag but even sweeter grin :D

Ok by DestinyBlue

A cosplay of my art! :D Yes! If you look closely you can see the jigsaw piece on her face an arm as well ;) (100 points to her! XD) I get crazy excited when people do thing like this for a show! XD :heart:

Mcmcrew by DestinyBlue
Thanks to Team Blue London! Lots of hard work goes on behind the scenes, I couldn't do it alone :heart: (and that includes everyone who supported me at London, thank you)

I was given probably the most thoughtful give I've ever received from Jo and Gem (please let me know your DA names again, I don't have them with me ;-;)

Gift by DestinyBlue

It was hard not to open them all at once, but I have kept them safe so I can open them when I need to :heart: Thank you so much, this really touched me :hug:

So after the convention I fancied some KFC:
Kfc by DestinyBlue

Seems legit...

Then I hopped on a plane (or two) to the land down under! :D

Cloo by DestinyBlue

I made it to the future! it's pretty, but not that much different ;)
Fbsydney by DestinyBlue

Thanks to everyone in London for making that my best show ever, you actually took the award back from Sydney 2014.... well the Sydney shows up this weekend so let's see what you've got Sydneysiders! :D

Supanova1 by DestinyBlue

Supanova! Both Sydney and Perth (No I wont be at Brisbane or Adelaide, Australia twice in one year is enough XD)

Update: -PERTH MAP! :heart:

Perthmap by DestinyBlue

See you at table A033 in the Artists Alley

After a crazy busy show in Sydney (thanks everyone!) I am low on stock for Perth, so if there is a specific piece you are wanting to go home with then please come along early! :heart:
Now I'm going to try and sleep again... GrumpyCat 

Peace, love and desynchronosis,
Blue xx

[[Japan Expo Paris help - Thanks for all your emails! I'll get back to you soon! :heart: (you might have noticed I'm a little busy ;)]]
I never expected the response I received by sharing my story and artwork about living with depression and anxiety: 
Depression by DestinyBlue…

I couldn't have imagined I would get so much support, and hear from so many different people. I am so grateful and, truth be told, little overwhelmed. I've read every single comment (it took days XD) and replied to many, but it's because I can't reply to everyone personally that I wanted to write this and send my sincerest thanks to you all.

It took me a long time before I was able open up about my struggles with mental health, even to myself, and it's was a tough decision to share my darkest times publicly. But I'm glad I did, because I truly believe by making mental health issues more visible, open and talked about, we can reduce the stigma and deepen understanding and compassion around them. So I especially appreciate if you shared your story or mine.

I can see how mental illness is especially hard to understand if you have never experienced it, because before I developed troubles with my mental health I didn't really understand it, I actually thought I would never be susceptible to it. I was optimistic, strong willed, determined, I thought of depression as more a sadness than a sickness. Then I became depressed, and I kept being optimistic, strong willed and determined, but then the goal posts changed, it took a strong will to just get out of bed in the morning, it took determination to go to the shop and get food, I was optimistic I would feel normal again, so I didn't kill myself. But I do believe it can be understood by those who don't experience it, perhaps not in exactly the same way, but in the way that we feel compassion for someone physically ill, and with education, things like saying 'cheer up' to someone with depression will be regarded like saying 'walk it off' to a paraplegic.

Things are getting better for me now and it is because I am feeling more well and stable that I am able to talk about it. I could never have dreamed of opening up like this while I was caught in the tar. I couldn't even open up a washing machine!
I was amazed at how many people said 'Thank You' to me, even though I offered no real advice or 'what to do' wisdom, just sharing my story helped. But I get it now, just having someone else talk about an experience similar to yours makes you feel less alone. I know this now because you shared your stories with me, so thank you, for making me feel less alone :)

(I want to send a massive fuck you to the guy who told me to kill myself... But I'll send love, because you have to be in a pretty dark place to say something like that. I know shits good with me because I don't feel upset for myself, I feel upset for him, he almost certainly has his own demons he battles, one which perhaps run even darker than mine)

Thank you everyone, lets keep the conversation going! :D :heart:

Peace, Love and Compassion,
Blue xx
I'm exhibiting at MCM London Comic Con this weekend!

mapMCMLondon by DestinyBlue

I have a booth in the Comics Village, top left corner booth 3211, head for the artists area and walk along the wall. If you're coming in from outside, enter gate S3 :D (Big Grin)

Who's going to be there? :D (Big Grin)

Thank so much for all my birthday wishes guys! And the lamas, I have an army of them now XD

~~Some of you will have seen, but I uploaded a new drawing on my birthday:

Depression by DestinyBlue
In the description I talk about my struggle with mental health. I would love for you to read it Heart

Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments already as you can see, I'm busy this weekend, but I'm looking forward to replying after :)

Okay, so. I better get ready for MCM Comic Con! :D (Big Grin)

Peace, love and 4 hours sleep,
Blue xx
I made it! Touched down on English soil this morning after gosh-knows-how-many-hours of travel induced containment :heart:

For those of you who don't know, or have terminally shot term memories: I have been out in Australia for two Supanova conventions! I journaled the first part of my adventures here:  Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast!So, like someone who never wants to get any sleep, I hopped on a plane to the Australia, for a convention or two :)

Melboune and Gold Cost Supanova!
My Economy Class flight was more like having my own private jet ;) No one wanted to go to Melbourne this time of year from London, as it turns out it's colder over here XD

Obligatory photo of pretty clouds out the window:

While trying to work out how to get to the Convention Showgrounds from Southern Cross Station, the first suggestion I got was to take a helicopter to Batman park. That is how cool Australia is :D

I haven't seen any spiders or crocodiles or anything that could kill me with a bite yet (unless you count the lady at the bus stop with the teeth)
I would share with you my beautiful photos of Melbourne,

Before leaving I had sent out a plea for help a the conventions, and it turns out people are really quite nice, and I was inundated with offers! So, like in some weird online blind date thing, I chose a few people who I'd never met before to help out behind my tables XD Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it was a recipe for awesomeness! The girls were delightful, worked really hard, and were not at all like the weird internet strangers your Mum warns you about. It was great to feel like I wasn't alone out there :heart:
Below is myself (you'd never guess which one ;)) and Mahalia and Lilliee, who were my boss little team at Melbourne. Huge thanks also to Annabel helped all on her own at the Gold Coast (and gosh, did she work hard!)

Fbmally by DestinyBlue

Now, I'm a person who does certain things by halves, so I can do the next thing by one and a halves :D
My hotel in Melbourne was the half, boasting the 'historical features' of literally an old prison... yes that's the only window.

Img 9027[1] by DestinyBlue
A quick flight later...

Fgggg by DestinyBlue

and I was ready for my one and a half I'd saved up for!:

Fbgc by DestinyBlue
Almost literally all window XD
Ocean views one side and city views of the the other on the Gold Coast! I could even see the the convention center. And upon waking up at 7am for Supanova, and looking out my window, to my surprise I could already see people queuing ready!

Img 9152[1] by DestinyBlue

The conventions were a buzz with activity, I was in the Artists alley, and it wasn't too long before people found my table XD
Both were great shows, and all the hugs made up for the jet lag :D It's amazing to know I have so much support so far away :heart:! I might have shed a tiny tear at how awesome the experience was.
Here's the adorable Olivia, modeling her favourite bag (disclaimer: might not be her favourite, but she rocks it, no? ;)
Img 8988[1] by DestinyBlue

So I didn't see any real koalas this trip, but if I ever wanted to imagine what superheores in the shape of koalas looked like, then I didn't even need to use my imagination ;) They were all over the city!

Img 9278[1] by DestinyBlue

Everyone's buff in Australia, even this street sign guy has been working on his guns:
Img 9284[1] by DestinyBlue

My stay at the nice hotel paid for itself in toiletries :D
Img 9288[1] by DestinyBlue

On the few days I had to explore I chilled out at Surfers Paradise and was treated to a beautiful sunset
Img 9241[1] by DestinyBlue

But all too quickly it was time to get on a plane back to blighty...
Img 9347[1] by DestinyBlue

The 'leaving on a jet plane' song is now my nemisis. It was in my head for most of the 30+ hours travelling -_-
Img 9361[1] by DestinyBlue

Touchdown in the downpore! Ahh, must be home, it's raining :)
Img 9365[1] by DestinyBlue

And now I'm home, all snuggled up and wondering what the -real- time is, and what that means for dinner time.

Hope you enjoy some little snippets of my adventure. It was an intense experience, or maybe everything just feels intense after 5 hours sleep in two days. 

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and unforgettable! You rock! :heart:

I feel like it's not really over though.... as I head back to Australia again for Sydney and Perth Supanovas in June! (can't get enough of it ;))

But no rest for the wicked, as I have MCM Belfast to prepare for in less than a week:

Untitled-1 by DestinyBlue

See you there! XD 

Peace, love and jet planes,
Blue x
So, like someone who never wants to get any sleep, I hopped on a plane to the Australia, for a convention or two :)
Daw by DestinyBlue

Melboune and Gold Cost Supanova!

My Economy Class flight was more like having my own private jet ;) No one wanted to go to Melbourne this time of year from London, as it turns out it's colder over here XD

Fbflight by DestinyBlue
Obligatory photo of pretty clouds out the window:
Cloud by DestinyBlue

While trying to work out how to get to the Convention Showgrounds from Southern Cross Station, the first suggestion I got was to take a helicopter to Batman park. That is how cool Australia is :D
Untitled by DestinyBlue

I haven't seen any spiders or crocodiles or anything that could kill me with a bite yet (unless you count the lady at the bus stop with the teeth)

I would share with you my beautiful photos of Melbourne, but I didn't take any any. I did take a photo of this guy though, because that is how eyes manga:

Untitled by DestinyBlue

Here are some sneeky peeky pics of that stall in set-up mode today :)

Dae by DestinyBlue

Das by DestinyBlue

All ready for the weekend! I am in the Artists Alley for both events.

 Table A122

for Melbourne. It's on the end side right next to the dealers, so just wander between the dealers and the Alley and you'll see me :)

Thanks to my two wonderful helpers for helping set-up, they'll be around of the weekend and generally being helpful with everything and everyone ;) 

Right, think that's it. Really hope my body lets me sleep tonight, jet-lag adds an interesting elements to conventions, but not necessarily a pleasent one :)

Peace, love and timezones
Blue x
I had to take a bit of a heath related break from conventions for the first part of this year, I'll hopefully go more into why at a later date (including related artwork ;)) But now I'm better and am ready to get stuck back into the swing of things! :D

Here's what coming up for me:

Conventions 2015


~ Dee-con ~
April 4th - Dundee, Scotland

~ Supanova Melbourne ~
April 10th - 12th - Melbourne, Australia

~ Supanova Gold Coast ~
April 17th - 19th - Gold Coast, Australia


~ MCM Belfast Comic Con ~
May 2nd - 3rd - Belfast, Ireland

~ MCM London Comic Con ~
May 22nd - 24th - London, England


~ Supanova Sydney ~
June 19th - 21st - Sydney, Australia

~ Supanova Perth ~
June 26th - 28th - Perth, Australia


~ Japan Expo ~
July 2nd - 6th - Paris, France

~ Hyper Japan ~
July 10th - 12th - London, England

~ Manchester MCM Comic Con ~
July 25th - 26th - Manchester, England


~ MCM Dublin Comic Con ~
August 29th - 30th - Dublin, Ireland


~ Toronto Fan Expo ~
September 3rd - 6th - Toronto, Canada



That's me booked up until September, there will be more later in the year (London MCM and NYCC hopefully), so I'll add those closer to the time :D

Are you going to any of these events? Will you come say hello? :D :heart:

Please also feel free to let me know any conventions you would like me to attend ^-^

I'm really looking forward to jumping into these, they are so much fun, and it's the people I meet who really make them worthwhile :) I can't wait to show off my new prints as well, most of them look better than they do online XD

Deecon was the first event I ever attended as an artist, and next weekend makes my 5th time *happy tear* 

Peace, love and conventions,
~Blue x
I'm very happy to announce the opening of my Society6 store! :D

I don't know what happened to society 1 through 5, but 6 is a place where you can get pretty artwork printed on a variety of yummy things for you and your home :D

Soc6 by DestinyBlue

There are some really cool products available, especially if you want art on more than the traditional print :)

Not all of my artwork is, or will be, available through here, it's just a good selection, though please do let me know if you would like to see anything else :)
Society6 handles all the making, printing, shipping, ~basically everything! I never see or touch the product, they just print my design and I get a cut. So sorry, but I have no control over what phones they print for, or sizes of their pillows, please contact them if you have any questions over your order or product :) This leaves me more time to get on with drawing! XD

Please head here for my Society6:

My personal print shop: will remain open, where you can order signed prints direct from me :D You just now have more options :dance:

Thanks or your support everyone!

Peace, love and cool merchandise :heart:
~Blue x
See what I did there? :P

Offering 15% off everything in my store until Monday (so no rush :heart:) Just enter 'BlueFriday' at checkout :) 


Fbbluefriday by DestinyBlue

Yep, on both prints and limited edition canvases :heart:

You guys do so much for me, so please accept this little offering :huggle:

~Do keep an eye out on dA today because I'll have another drawing up tonight *excited face*

Peace love and discounts,
Blue x:heart:x
Hello my lovely friends and watchers,

Just a quick message to let you know, after my crazy month, I am home, which is good news for you guys wanting prints, as I can open my online shop -yay! :D

Thank you for being super patient! :heart:

Fire Underwater by DestinyBlue

My next convention is MCM Birmingham, I don't have a map yet, but I'll be in the Comic Village. As it's my last show of the year, it's causing quite a few emotions. The desire to party (hard) as well as the somberness of endings combined with the joy of finishing. It's been an overwhelming year, in terms of the support I've received from so many, and in the sense that there is just so much going on, and so many things to do. I still have so much to do and that I want to achieve, central to that being my drawings and artistic work. But never fear, I'll keep you guys updated with it all! :D :heart:

Peace, love and origami,

Blue xx
October is one crazy month for me! 

With New York Comic Con, FACTS in Belgium and London Comic Con all head to toe with each other, it leaves little time to sleep (or more importantly draw)

Can I say a hearty and heartfelt thanks for everyones international support at both NYCC and FACTS, while I'm far from home you guys were so welcoming. It's amazing a little independent artist like me can feel so at home :heart:

For London I am in the 'Comic Village' as usual, though this year I have a booth rather than one of the tables! Head right to the back wall where the artists are and walk along and you should find me :) Number 791, I'm listed in the dealers section of the conbook if you're having trouble finding me :heart:

Fblondonoct14 by DestinyBlue
Super quick-splat map, but you get the idea ;) (Gosh, isn't my handwriting terrible for an artist? XD)

~So who's coming?! *does an excited little seat dance*

I'm in Barcelona next weekend for Salon Del Manga, bet lets get London out the way first ;))
Shop will open again after Barcelona, mid November (Sorry any inconvenience, I'm sure you can understand why ^-^;)

Just to warn you, I won't have a chance to reply to messages for a while.

Much love, peace and sanctuary to you all,
Blue x:heart:x
Just to let everyone know that my Print Store in open again:

However it will only be open for a week, as I'm off to quite a few international conventions in October. Do check out my profile page for where I'll be :)

I'm going to try and work on a solution which means I can keep the store open when I'm away. As I do everything myself, it can be hard balancing everything, and sometimes things have to be put on pause, especially as the drawing is the most important part to me, I don't want them taking a back foot to the admin site of things. I'll work something out for you guys, as I know random shop opening times can be inconvenient. Thanks for being patient with me! :heart:

Cheers everyone, your continued support allows me to keep me creating! :)

Much love,
Your Blue xx

Closed for a bit now, thanks! <3
Just updating this journal with a little map of now to find me at MCM Glasgow this weekend!

Mcmglasgow by DestinyBlue

I'm D5&6, but since they don't mark table numbers your better off remembering to walk down the middle of the Comic Village and you'll find me! :D

Phew, I got of the plane from Canada yesterday, and am on a 6 hour train ride right now, so please excuse me if I appear slightly jet-lagged over the weekend XD  MCM Glasgow is going to be a blast, can't wait to see what the two days will bring, really glad they have expanded this year, means more time to chill with people. I'll be manning the two tables on my own, so sorry if there is a queue or if I take a while to get prints out and whatnot, I'll try my best, and you guys know I love to chat :)

~See you soooooon! :heart:

Much love and peace and hope to everyone :heart:

I write this from out in sunny Toronto Canada!
I've had a few days to explore but the real work stars tomorrow - FanExpo! :heart: 
I have a Premium Artists Alley space this year, booth P128, just head to the back wall where all the artists are and walk down that row you'll eventually find me. I made a little map for those inclined to get lost ;)

Have to say I'm so excited to do this even again! Last year I had a little booth and didn't know what to expect, this time I feel much more prepared -and most importantly I have enough prints! I sold out of lots of the ones people wanted last time so sorry about that ^-^ 
Looking forward especially to see all the cool cosplays Toronto has to offer! :D

So who's going to be there? :)

Thanks to everyone in Toronto! I had a blast, felt like a bit of a holiday for once ;) heh
Thank everyone, back to drawing for me now, the store is now closed :)

-DevianARTs submissions have been playing up recently, seems not everyone is getting notifications of new uploads in their Message Center, and deviations are not showing up properly for everyone. Really sorry I've tried uploading something multiple times, I've taken it down for now as I'd like everyone to be able to see it. I'll try again when the bugs fixed. Thanks for your patience everyone :)
Hello all! :D

Just a quick message to let you know I'll be at MCM Manchester Comic Com this weekend and then back down for London's Hyper Japan the weekend after. I have a stall at both :)

Its been an really intense few months for me, lots of traveling and highs and lows. After I've finished these two events I'm really looking forward to some rest time, well some -draw- time really ;) Sorry I haven't finished anything new in a while, but don't worry, your patients will be rewarded soon! 

If you want more updates from me head over to\destinyblue for what I'm up to and sketches and things :) 

So, who's coming to Manchester Comic Con and Hyper Japan?! :dance:

Much love everyone,
~Blue xx
I'm mostly not jet lagged after 30 hours travelling to Australia, but I am entirely excited however for Supanova Sydney convention! (AKA Upsidedown Con :D)

It starts tomorrow and I'll be there all the days...  :)

Here's how to find me:Supanovasyd14map by DestinyBlue

I'm through the Dome into the next hall (hoping people know there's a next hall) in an area called 'The Alley' classy I know ;) Table A034

Please do come early if there is a specific print you are after as my stock is limited to what I can carry on a plane! Things will sell out and I don't want anyone disappointed ~:heart:

I went into the city to collect some things I needed for the convention today, but haven't done much exploring yet (Though I did get very excited on finding some beautiful plastic wallets and a HUGE bag of rubber bands XD) I will after though :)

I'm at Perth Supanova next weekend as well! I'll post details once the crazyness that is Sydney is over ^-^

I'll be keeping you guys updated as much as I can via my facebook:

~~Okay I'll sign off, because I actually am more jetlagged than I though judging by the amount of spelling errors I made on this! XD

Love to all over the planet :heart:
Blue xx