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I had to take a bit of a heath related break from conventions for the first part of this year, I'll hopefully go more into why at a later date (including related artwork ;)) But now I'm better and am ready to get stuck back into the swing of things! :D

Here's what coming up for me:

Conventions 2015


~ Dee-con ~
April 4th - Dundee, Scotland

~ Supanova Melbourne ~
April 10th - 12th - Melbourne, Australia

~ Supanova Gold Coast ~
April 17th - 19th - Gold Coast, Australia


~ MCM Belfast Comic Con ~
May 2nd - 3rd - Belfast, Ireland

~ MCM London Comic Con ~
May 22nd - 24th - London, England


~ Supanova Sydney ~
June 19th - 21st - Sydney, Australia

~ Supanova Perth ~
June 26th - 28th - Perth, Australia


~ Japan Expo ~
July 2nd - 6th - Paris, France

~ Hyper Japan ~
July 10th - 12th - London, England

~ Manchester MCM Comic Con ~
July 25th - 26th - Manchester, England


~ MCM Dublin Comic Con ~
August 29th - 30th - Dublin, Ireland


~ Toronto Fan Expo ~
September 3rd - 6th - Toronto, Canada



That's me booked up until September, there will be more later in the year (London MCM and NYCC hopefully), so I'll add those closer to the time :D

Are you going to any of these events? Will you come say hello? :D :heart:

Please also feel free to let me know any conventions you would like me to attend ^-^

I'm really looking forward to jumping into these, they are so much fun, and it's the people I meet who really make them worthwhile :) I can't wait to show off my new prints as well, most of them look better than they do online XD

Deecon was the first event I ever attended as an artist, and next weekend makes my 5th time *happy tear* 

Peace, love and conventions,
~Blue x
I'm very happy to announce the opening of my Society6 store! :D

I don't know what happened to society 1 through 5, but 6 is a place where you can get pretty artwork printed on a variety of yummy things for you and your home :D

Soc6 by DestinyBlue

There are some really cool products available, especially if you want art on more than the traditional print :)

Not all of my artwork is, or will be, available through here, it's just a good selection, though please do let me know if you would like to see anything else :)
Society6 handles all the making, printing, shipping, ~basically everything! I never see or touch the product, they just print my design and I get a cut. So sorry, but I have no control over what phones they print for, or sizes of their pillows, please contact them if you have any questions over your order or product :) This leaves me more time to get on with drawing! XD

Please head here for my Society6:

My personal print shop: will remain open, where you can order signed prints direct from me :D You just now have more options :dance:

Thanks or your support everyone!

Peace, love and cool merchandise :heart:
~Blue x
See what I did there? :P

Offering 15% off everything in my store until Monday (so no rush :heart:) Just enter 'BlueFriday' at checkout :) 


Fbbluefriday by DestinyBlue

Yep, on both prints and limited edition canvases :heart:

You guys do so much for me, so please accept this little offering :huggle:

~Do keep an eye out on dA today because I'll have another drawing up tonight *excited face*

Peace love and discounts,
Blue x:heart:x
Hello my lovely friends and watchers,

Just a quick message to let you know, after my crazy month, I am home, which is good news for you guys wanting prints, as I can open my online shop -yay! :D

Thank you for being super patient! :heart:

Fire Underwater by DestinyBlue

My next convention is MCM Birmingham, I don't have a map yet, but I'll be in the Comic Village. As it's my last show of the year, it's causing quite a few emotions. The desire to party (hard) as well as the somberness of endings combined with the joy of finishing. It's been an overwhelming year, in terms of the support I've received from so many, and in the sense that there is just so much going on, and so many things to do. I still have so much to do and that I want to achieve, central to that being my drawings and artistic work. But never fear, I'll keep you guys updated with it all! :D :heart:

Peace, love and origami,

Blue xx
October is one crazy month for me! 

With New York Comic Con, FACTS in Belgium and London Comic Con all head to toe with each other, it leaves little time to sleep (or more importantly draw)

Can I say a hearty and heartfelt thanks for everyones international support at both NYCC and FACTS, while I'm far from home you guys were so welcoming. It's amazing a little independent artist like me can feel so at home :heart:

For London I am in the 'Comic Village' as usual, though this year I have a booth rather than one of the tables! Head right to the back wall where the artists are and walk along and you should find me :) Number 791, I'm listed in the dealers section of the conbook if you're having trouble finding me :heart:

Fblondonoct14 by DestinyBlue
Super quick-splat map, but you get the idea ;) (Gosh, isn't my handwriting terrible for an artist? XD)

~So who's coming?! *does an excited little seat dance*

I'm in Barcelona next weekend for Salon Del Manga, bet lets get London out the way first ;))
Shop will open again after Barcelona, mid November (Sorry any inconvenience, I'm sure you can understand why ^-^;)

Just to warn you, I won't have a chance to reply to messages for a while.

Much love, peace and sanctuary to you all,
Blue x:heart:x
Just to let everyone know that my Print Store in open again:

However it will only be open for a week, as I'm off to quite a few international conventions in October. Do check out my profile page for where I'll be :)

I'm going to try and work on a solution which means I can keep the store open when I'm away. As I do everything myself, it can be hard balancing everything, and sometimes things have to be put on pause, especially as the drawing is the most important part to me, I don't want them taking a back foot to the admin site of things. I'll work something out for you guys, as I know random shop opening times can be inconvenient. Thanks for being patient with me! :heart:

Cheers everyone, your continued support allows me to keep me creating! :)

Much love,
Your Blue xx

Closed for a bit now, thanks! <3
Just updating this journal with a little map of now to find me at MCM Glasgow this weekend!

Mcmglasgow by DestinyBlue

I'm D5&6, but since they don't mark table numbers your better off remembering to walk down the middle of the Comic Village and you'll find me! :D

Phew, I got of the plane from Canada yesterday, and am on a 6 hour train ride right now, so please excuse me if I appear slightly jet-lagged over the weekend XD  MCM Glasgow is going to be a blast, can't wait to see what the two days will bring, really glad they have expanded this year, means more time to chill with people. I'll be manning the two tables on my own, so sorry if there is a queue or if I take a while to get prints out and whatnot, I'll try my best, and you guys know I love to chat :)

~See you soooooon! :heart:

Much love and peace and hope to everyone :heart:

I write this from out in sunny Toronto Canada!
I've had a few days to explore but the real work stars tomorrow - FanExpo! :heart: 
I have a Premium Artists Alley space this year, booth P128, just head to the back wall where all the artists are and walk down that row you'll eventually find me. I made a little map for those inclined to get lost ;)

Have to say I'm so excited to do this even again! Last year I had a little booth and didn't know what to expect, this time I feel much more prepared -and most importantly I have enough prints! I sold out of lots of the ones people wanted last time so sorry about that ^-^ 
Looking forward especially to see all the cool cosplays Toronto has to offer! :D

So who's going to be there? :)

Thanks to everyone in Toronto! I had a blast, felt like a bit of a holiday for once ;) heh
Thank everyone, back to drawing for me now, the store is now closed :)

-DevianARTs submissions have been playing up recently, seems not everyone is getting notifications of new uploads in their Message Center, and deviations are not showing up properly for everyone. Really sorry I've tried uploading something multiple times, I've taken it down for now as I'd like everyone to be able to see it. I'll try again when the bugs fixed. Thanks for your patience everyone :)
Hello all! :D

Just a quick message to let you know I'll be at MCM Manchester Comic Com this weekend and then back down for London's Hyper Japan the weekend after. I have a stall at both :)

Its been an really intense few months for me, lots of traveling and highs and lows. After I've finished these two events I'm really looking forward to some rest time, well some -draw- time really ;) Sorry I haven't finished anything new in a while, but don't worry, your patients will be rewarded soon! 

If you want more updates from me head over to\destinyblue for what I'm up to and sketches and things :) 

So, who's coming to Manchester Comic Con and Hyper Japan?! :dance:

Much love everyone,
~Blue xx
I'm mostly not jet lagged after 30 hours travelling to Australia, but I am entirely excited however for Supanova Sydney convention! (AKA Upsidedown Con :D)

It starts tomorrow and I'll be there all the days...  :)

Here's how to find me:Supanovasyd14map by DestinyBlue

I'm through the Dome into the next hall (hoping people know there's a next hall) in an area called 'The Alley' classy I know ;) Table A034

Please do come early if there is a specific print you are after as my stock is limited to what I can carry on a plane! Things will sell out and I don't want anyone disappointed ~:heart:

I went into the city to collect some things I needed for the convention today, but haven't done much exploring yet (Though I did get very excited on finding some beautiful plastic wallets and a HUGE bag of rubber bands XD) I will after though :)

I'm at Perth Supanova next weekend as well! I'll post details once the crazyness that is Sydney is over ^-^

I'll be keeping you guys updated as much as I can via my facebook:

~~Okay I'll sign off, because I actually am more jetlagged than I though judging by the amount of spelling errors I made on this! XD

Love to all over the planet :heart:
Blue xx
First off thanks SO much for all your kind birthday messages, it really brightened my day, especially as I had to spend most of it getting ready for this weekend :)

....and this weekend is none other the one of the biggest events of my year. ~~MCM London Comic Con!

I will be there as usual with my table of glowy joy, selling prints and canvasses, and generally being happy to see everyone :D

I made a handy map so you have no excuse to not find me ;) :

Fbmcmmap by DestinyBlue

I'm really excited and can't wait to see so many amazing people again, and what with it being so close to my birthday I really do feel like I celebrate it at the event :D

~So who's going to be there? ^-^

Sorry there's been a bit of radio silence from me recently, been having a bit of a rough mental time recently, and went a bit reclusive for a while. Trying to get myself back on track now though, and my schedule is pretty packed for the next few months so I wont have any time to mull. Doing things will do me good :)

I'll be keeping everyone up to date on facebook about things happening this weekend on my page: so head there is you're interested, even if you can't make it ^-^

So much love to you all. Can't wait to hug so many of you this weekend :heart: :heart: :heart:
Busy packaging store orders ^-^

-1926773 642586525790191 1888070276 N by DestinyBlue
Tubes fill of joy! :D

1795970 642776152437895 1591811216 O by DestinyBlue

They love/hate me at the post office! XD You should have seen their face when I said I'd be back tomorrow with more ;)

Heads up to anyone who's ordered a canvas, the one's I've had in stock gave been shipped, but most have to be ordered and produced specially, this does take time, and as I've had many more orders than planned so production is taking longer than planned. I'm now away for the weekend to exhibit at London Super Comic Con, so canvases should be sent out early next week :) Thanks!

Congratulations to Matthew Murphy, who was my 100th order! He gets his WARPAINT print upgraded to a limited edition canvas for free! :D Lucky him :heart:

Thanks so much for all your support! The response has been overwhelming, it's you guy who really do allow me to keep doing what I love, and producing and sharing original artwork. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you all :heart:

Right, I'll be at London Super Comic Convention this weekend, and then Birmingham MCM Comic Con the weekend after! :DLscc13map by DestinyBlue
You may already know (or already ordered XD) but to celebrate reaching 1 million pageviews I'm offering a very special discount in my shop~!

50% off everything with code 'TeamBlue' 

Go to: to order

Offer closes on Wednesday March 12th. It applies to everything, print and limited edition canvases, lucky you! :heart:

I've been really overwhelmed by all the orders so far, you guys are keeping my busy XD Please note if you order a canvas it may take up a week to dispatch it to you, this is because I order canvases from my supplier, and they take a while to get made and delivered to me :)

Most print orders are going in the post this Monday. I had to order a lot more postal tubes :P 

I'm honoured so many people want my art on their walls, and it's so sweet to see people buying for their friends.
Please do spread the work on this as I wouldn't want anyone missing out ^-^

1 millon, thanks so much guys,

Lots of love,
~Blue xx
So excited to announce my new store...... ~open~!
And it's Black *ahem* Blue Friday so I'm offering 24 hours (from posting this) of  15% off everything! Just use code TeamBlue at checkout! How exciting ^0^

Thanks so much to those people who ordered though my journal last time, glad people are really happy with their prints! I had a lot of inquiries about Christmas ordering, and wanted to streamline the ordering process for both you and me, so I've made a little store for us!

Discover it here:

There's lush Prints and Limited Edition Canvasses for you to enjoy ^-^
Who doesn't want prettier walls for Christmas? :dance:
Prices are in USA (thought I'm from England) Please go to to currency convert :)

~Last order date for Christmas delivery~

Australia: 4th December
EU & Canada: 8th December
USA: 10th December
UK: 16th December
(+4 days earlier for canvas orders)

I'll try my best to get your order to you before Christmas and ship it as soon as possible! But please note I cannot guarantee any delivery times. If you order before the dates above there should be no problems :) I will ship after these dates but you might not receive your package before Crimbo, which would be a shame, as my prints would love to see your house on Christmas day! :D

Twentyfourhoursalestartsnow! Enjoy! :)

Visit my store on Storenvy

I know I always gush about my supporters, but I do have really amazing ones, thanks so much for supporting an independent original artist, you guys let me keep on creating and sharing what I love! Thank you! The merriest of Christmases to you all :heart: :heart: :heart:

Much Love,

~Blue x

Update:: Sorry my store is closed for the beginning of January as I'm not around to post prints out. Should be open again in not tooo long, keep an eye here! :heart: :heart: for more up to date updates ^-^

Its that time again!

I'll be attending MCM London Comic Con! I'll have my usual little booth in the Comic Village :D

Don't have much time as I'm busy preparing yummy goodies so I made the crappiest little map:
MCM London 2013 by DestinyBlue

But I do hope it'll serve its purpose and you'll be able to find me!

Comic Village Table F13

F for Freddo (that frog chocolate) and 13 for unlucky! If you would like to bring me a Freddo I'll show you just how unlucky it can be ;) hehe
I have 2 tables so number 14 is also mine, but 14s harder to remember... if you find 13 you'll find me! XD

I can't express how excited I am to be back on home soil in my hometown rounding off an amazing month with an MCM. I'd ramble about it here, but why when you can just find me there and see how elated I am ^-^

I have some really exciting new stuff. New prints, and super limited edition canvasses. You'll have to come along to find out :heart:

love love

Prints by DestinyBlue

Sorry if you came to this through my text being a link. dAs acting strangely, I've sent a bug report about it :)

The point of this journal was to let people know I'm currently selling prints through my online shop:
Oh Canada! With your exciting conventions and interesting cities it didn't take much to persuade me to come over!

I get on a plane tomorrow, so it's not like I'm leaving it late to write an update about this or anything ;)

I will be exhibiting at:


Montreal 16th-18th August

Premium Artists Table 213

Otakuthonmap by DestinyBlue
(Thanks to :devtarahm: for the map)

-Toronto Fan Expo-

Toronto 22nd-25th August

Small Press Table A132

fanexpoMAP by DestinyBlue

Are you going to be there? :D

I can't wait to meet Canadian supporters and make some new friends :D Please be aware that prints are in strictly limited supply, sorry guys blame the baggage allowance, so if you have a favourite of mine you know you want, come early to not be disappointed, especially at Fan Expo!

I'm going to find it hard to get to sleep tonight! I have never been to Canada before, though it's always intrigued me, I swapped some Canadian dollars in preparation, and spotted the queen on a $20, so I'm sure I'll feel right at home there ;)
Will have to brush up on my French as well, as the first convention is in French Canada, I'm hoping a decent amount speak English, as while I can do the passable basics in french I can't chit chat well, except to tell you what I have in my pencil case, and anyone who's met me knows I love to chit chat XD Toronto I'm really looking forward to exploring, though I can't say I know exactly what I'll do, please do feel free to tell me anywhere I shouldn't miss! Insider tips please guys! :D I think I will see less Moose than I'm hoping ;) Gonna get myself the customary most ugly fridge magnet I can find in each city, I have quite a collection now :)

Managed to reply to almost all my notes (sending love to loads of you guys) though if you haven't got a reply it's almost certainly because I want to send you something thoughtfully written in return :) Making headway into my normal comments as well, though I still have so many of you amazing people to personally reply to. I'll get there! Where did all the time go? Britain got some sunshine so I tried to make the most of that ;)

Stay cool and see you in Canadaaaaaaa~~!

Little update: Would just like to tell everyone to steer well clear of the meetup group 'Toronto Artists and Art Lovers' I turned up for one of their 'workshops' hoping to meet other artists and do a bit of painting with some of my spare time in Toronto, but no organisers showed up, then when we politely voice our disappointment on the event page our comments were deleted and we were accused of being liars and staging a 'malicious attack' After these guys wasted our time and money it's pretty sad they would accuse the innocent people who turned up for their failed meetup. Most experiences I've had though meetup have been great, the night before I met up with some people to play boardgames at 401 games in town. So much fun! But yeah, not all groups have good intentions, so be careful guys! <3
First off can I say wow, what a warm response the Aussies game me! Supanova was so much fun, as was exploring in and around Sydney, my apologies for bringing the weather with me though ;)

Last weekend at Q-con was a much quieter affair, it was appreciated after all the traveling, Northern Ireland was chilled and my panels went down a treat I'm glad to say. At the airport I found the most hideous fridge magnet to add to my collection of hideous fridge magnets from cities I've done conventions in. When she checkout girl told me it was "Only 2.59" as it had no price on it, I said in my head, and accidentally out loud an amused "what a bargain" to which she looked at this hideous thing and then gave me the most bizarre expression. I laughed, then tried really hard to stop laughing as she handed me my change. It was brilliant and I will think of it each time I look at my magnets wonky beauty.

So onto the important stuff: This weekend!

Japan Expo Paris!
I'm in a 'Young Designers Booth' this year, rather than the 'amateur' artists alley area, mostly because last year it was in such a bad location, our row had a collum blocking the entrance, and to top it all off the incessant rain produced a localised power cut over our area! Decided to try and have another go this year but am nervous about it, and it takes a lot to make me nervous Please do come find me and say hello, here's how:

Japan Expo - Find me :) by DestinyBlue

Young Designers


They have maps at the entrance so pick one up, and you can find me under D for um, DestinyBlue ;) BC36 BC for Bread Crumbs because you might need it to find me, and 36 for magic number three, then magic number three doubled XD
If your struggling, find the Square Enix stand with the huge poster of Lightning, then instead of following the orange carpet left, turn off it and go right. You can tell I want you to find me, right? ;)
I'll be sharing the booth with Emily from Tanabata who have the most adorable jewelry :heart:

As for London Film and Comic Con, I won't personally be there this weekend (if you're unsure why please see above) but you will find a little stand selling my artwork and manned by my lovely boyfriend, please be nice to him :D
We are going to see what happens at each event this year and then focus on one next time around.

I'm forever grateful for all your support, sorry to everyone waiting on replies from me, I hope you understand why it hasn't been possible for a while :heart:

So, I'm sitting on the other side of the world, wondering about my sanity. Did I really book a table at a convention in Australia and travel all the way from England? Mm yes... yes, it looks like I did. 

The upshot of it is if you're from Oz you can come say hi at Sydney's Supanova convention, Olympic Park: 21st -23rd June
Come find me at: 

Artists Alley

Table B

 for Bonza mate!
Please do come and say hello and keep my company, as I'm pretty far from home. Prints will be available from my table, which I am very happy to sign for you :D 
The suitcase weight limit on the flight was really tight, and so such prints are limited in quantity as I could only carry so many, so you might want to come early if you have a specific artwork you would like; and your support will help me come back next year~ hopefully more prepared! XD
I am seriously excited for my first Australian convention though, can't wait to see what it's like! :heart:

Who's coming? :D 

Really enjoyed exploring Oz, mostly Sydney so far, though tomorrow I go into the Hunter Valley vineyard region and do some wine tasting!

For those curious, this is my second time in Australia, the first was 6 years ago on my 'gap year' (Well 6 months) I just wanted to see all of it and as such traveled round like a maniac. It meant I didn't stop for long and I wasn't with the same people for very long, so didn't make many close friends. Then I fell in love for the first time and had my heart broken, it was a tough experience going through that on your own. So Australia for me comes with mixed emotions. My first time there really did make me realise what was important to me, and how much I value my friends, kind strangers, and companionship. The big rock in the middle is just a big rock if you don't have anyone to share it with. This time round I have taken time to hang out with some really awesome people, got well into my first real DnD game, and tonight I've been invited to an Star Wars miniatures game, which I have little idea about but should be a laugh. Many thanks to the guys from The Nerd Cave and Good Game Town Hall for making me feel really welcome despite my slurred jetlagged-ness XD 

Went back to the retro future today and rode the monorail before it's destroyed at the end of the month!

Sorry if you are waiting on a reply from me and I have not got back to you yet, I've been... busy, if you couldn't tell :D I fly back next Monday but don't arrive till Wednesday :O

~Much love as always :heart: :heart:
Today is indeed my birthday!

My inbox has been flooded with messages of joy and love ~Thanks for that guys! *group hug*

Real life still must go on and I have spent the day preparing and printing for the MCM London Comic Con which is this coming weekend! So much to do! Not time to eat cake yet ;) I'll view the convention as my birthday celebrations, when I can actually interact with real people and not just work hard in my pajamas (Though if you are going to work hard this is often the best attire) ;)

Come say hello and give me birthday high fives in the:

Comic Village

E13 + E14

E for Emu and 13 for unlucky. So think of an Emu who can't come to MCM, that's a pretty unlucky Emu ;-;
Check in the convention guide for a floor plan of the location.

Which awesome people will I have the pleasure of seeing there this weekend? :D

I am currently printing and hand stretching 10x14" canvases myself. These are a very limited edition of only 50 in selected designs. As such they wont be cheap, but they are great quality and prefect if your looking for something a little more exclusive. What doesn't sell out will be available in my web shop (when it's up)
As usual prints will be available as well, look out for my 'business card' banner above the stall. :)

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I can use as much punctuation as I like today, on account of it being my birthday) :D @[[]'#.'#!!!!!!!!##.#,<..@::@p!!!!!!!!!!

update: stressed.