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March 1, 2013
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Trapped by School by DestinyBlue Trapped by School by DestinyBlue
She slips in after class, just to be away from them, waiting till the sound of shouting and laughter has subsided, till it's safe to walk home alone

School occupies a strange place in my mind. It wasn't so long ago, but when I look back it seems so blurry. I remember being the weird kid, the awkward girl, who would run around with the boys. I was bullied a lot, sometimes it hurt, but mostly it didn't. I relised people would always judge, and knew it's you who has to be happy with yourself, you shouldn't change to please them; I noticed the things people would tease me about were the things they were insecure about in themselves. The most valuable lessons I learned weren't in the classroom. I got very comfortable with my own company :)
My art teacher told me "Cartoons are not art" so I drew in my spare time and let myself indulge in a world all my own.

This is a two parter drawing.. please expect the next installment soon :) It'll be wallpaper size as well, feel free to use this as your school wallpaper ;) heh

Schools such a strange place, and this girls having a hard time of it... I can certainly relate to feeling trapped there sometimes, for many reasons...
~How is/was it for you?

Edit: Wow, thanks so much for the response on this one guys :heart: I've enjoyed reading about your experiences, all those having a hard time- It will get better! School is temporary. Use the time to better yourself. While I do read all comments it is a tall order replying to hundreds, so I'm sorry if you don't get a personal response from me, but please do know myself and others support you :)

~Featured Artwork~
Watch me to see the conclusion to this piece :icondestinyblue:
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In my first school, I felt trapped too. I had no place to go and be myself. Everybody was laughing, seeing me draw or write, calling me insane etc. Also, I were listening rather to my parents music than radio hits, what was 'crazy' too. But then I changed my school, started to write stories, draw more, and 'let my wings grow'. And I flew away...
Holzkohlen Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I can definately relate.
It has gotten better over the last few years for me as I became older and more confident with myself.
It's still weird but hey this is probably my last year and I will hopefully be able to do something creative that I'm actually good at - video editing that is. I still want to learn to draw though as it is such an amazing way to send a message - to communicate. Anyway, great work!
that is really...clever
Macaronnicat Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I know how she feels...
momichi15 Apr 1, 2014  New member Student Artist
how long hav u been drawing?
momichi15 Apr 1, 2014  New member Student Artist
YUR WORK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any advice 2 becomig a better artist other than "keep practicing"?
my issue is i dont lik it anymore.. nd i cant quite explain y i evr did.. its on the tip of my tongue ..but not there yet!
Your art teacher was an idiot!!!
Has anyone else noticed that the outsiders are always the most interesting people?
AceandJet Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
In school I just want to hide in my form room at brake and lunch and cry. I never relised how much I missed being alone. .....but I'm forced to hang around with the few friends I have-the other outcasts...and some day I hope to lead my little group into a better world...but we all have our own problems....even me..
I love your paintings/drawings like this one and the sequel to this and the one that is like "fOreVER" and the "brOKen" one. I find them really clever and true. That sounds weird, but basically nice job!
I was seen as an odd one at school because all I did was draw, my art teacher was always telling me not to draw cartoons jut like u but I dident listen, I'm realy happy I didn't and know I embrace my weirdness.

You are an amazing artest in my eyes and in may others too👍😇
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