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March 10, 2006
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South Park by DestinyBlue South Park by DestinyBlue
The drawing turned out a little more creepy than expected ;) In a way I like that XD

Erics going to put that in Butters ear....

Know who these guys are? ...well Ill tell you anyway, their the South Park boys! For those of you that live in a hole South Park is a hilarious, crude looking animated show about filthy mouthed 8 year old children and what they get up to in their quiet little redneck white trash (kick ass) mountain town ;)

Sorry if this offends any of the puritans who think south park shold not be meddled with in any way or anything, but personally I believe in free expression and creativity.I just though id combine two things I love: South Park and Drawing anime and this came out ;) not sure how much I like it; on one level its great because they all look so cute, on another level I raped them XD

And that piece of paper Stan is showing a shocked Kyle is a photo of Cartmans mum doing somthing naughty XD

The characters: incase you were in any doubt as to who the characters are ill give a little run though and put some facts you may or may not know ^0^
First on the left: Leopold 'Butters' Stotch- Everyone knows its Butters! His birthday is September 11th and hes probably the most innocent and optamistic of the boys, though he is quite nervous. His Story is rather tragic, he gets picked on by all the boys (especially Cartman) and gets frequently beaten by his parents and addresses his father as 'Sir' He has also created an alter ego- Professor Chaos who tryes to bring devestation wherever he goes, but only manages to do things like switch order at a resturant arround so people get the wrong food.
Second on the left: Eric Theodore Cartman- Known to his friend as Cartman, hes the bully of the group. Hes overweight and is also constantly picked by the other kids for for it. He seems to be more tolerated by the other children than liked, though he does posess some kind of charisma, he can sway people to his side easily and make large groups of people follow him (in exterminatiog the jews for instance :)) Kyle describes him as a "Fat, racist, self centered, intolerant, manipulative, sociopath" And that pretty much sums him up ;)
Middle: Kenneth 'Kenny' McCormick- Famous for dying in nearly every episode. His voice is (almost) always muffeled and hard to understand because of that hooded coat hood thing he wares up round his face. The boys always understand him perfectly though. Most of the things he does say concern sex or rude jokes and he has a really dirty mind. Under that hood he has messy blond hair. Kenny did actuly die for 'real' in season 5. Though next season Cartman drinks Kennys ashes and kennys soul gets trapped in cartmans body only for it to be exorcised later and Kenny is reencarnated
Second right: Stanley 'Stan' Marsh- The boy in the red poof ball hat, hes about the most normal one in the group.... much more your 'everyday' kind of 8 year old. His best friend is Kyle. He used to have a crush on Wendy Testaburger and would throw up in her face every time he saw her, but she has a new man now ;)
Far Right: Kyle Broflovski- Hes jewish and ginger. His been circumcisedand carries gold round his neck in a little bag (though only in one episode its mentioned) His personality is similar to Stans, he often is the most moral and is much more clear thinking than the crazy other arround him. Though he did once have plastic sergery to chenge himself into atall black basketball player.

I'd say butters and Kenny tie for my favourite characters. I also really like Timmy and Jimmy, i'm retarded like Timmy and seem to always be on crutcheds like Jimmy XD I did want to draw those two... but they didnt translate well into my style... I know their supposed to look retarded... but not -that- retarded XD SO whos your favourite character and episode and all that? My episode.... wow I wouldn't know which to choose.. at the moment its got to be "the death of Eric Cartman" where Eric thinks hes dead. Or AWSOME-O, I love the interplay between Cartman and Butters. I hope theres an episode where Cartman does get Butters back for the 'death' episode as promiced by Eric... the last time he said he would get someone back he put their parents into chilli and made the kid eat it XD classic

Onto the technical stuff: This took 15 hour or so, which is like nothing for me for a drawing with 5 characters in, its not really rushed, just I didnt get all the detail I usually do and I tried a quicker more pastally style of colouring. All done in OpenCanvas 3.03 :) Actuly I got kennys eye colour wrong XD I only found out his eye colour after I drew them :P As for the other characters the only one I actuly know who eyes are right is stan. Butters has dimples really but he wasnt smiling so I didn't add them :P I dont think Cartman or Kyles eyes have ever been mentioned... though please tell me if im wrong ^^ (their eyes in 'good times with weapons' is not their real eyes, just how they imagine them to be :))

Wow its taken me so long to write all this... I might update and write a little more but it the moment im tired and can't think of/be bothered to write anything else.

Id love feedback on this and how you think iv portrayed the characters ^^

Thanks guys :)

Artwork Alice de Ste Croix
Characters Matt Stone and Trey Parker

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Star-the-alicorn Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!!
*Cough* the dicks are distracting *cough*
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Is Cartman holding a tampon? XD
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Why are their pants and shoes so huge?
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It's called an art style.
Icediamond600 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
This is an awesome SP piece of fanart. Totally adding this to my faves.
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This is way better then the cartoon lol
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i used to be obbsesed with south park
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That moment when you can't decide to either go "Awww" or laugh...
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Cartman up to no good as usual.
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