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October 26, 2011
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I'm fine by DestinyBlue I'm fine by DestinyBlue
This. This. This and This again.

Story of my life at the moment. Not because I don't want to talk, because I can't. Some things you have to go through alone. My piece Paint your Wings by DestinyBlue was also inspired by my situation, though there is more hope in that image... things have got tougher recently. I am very lucky to have some very close friends I can confide in including my beautiful Moogle :) I appreciate and am so thankful for them. Sorry I can't share more online...

Its such at odds with my personality. I'm an eternal optimist. Anyone who knows me or has met me at a convention knows I love to laugh and it takes a lot to get me down, unfortunately this is. Well, its inspiration at least :)

One day I'll be able to tell everyone everything's not fine, but for now,

I'm fine.

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Edit: Wow, so many people doing this now it's almost a meme!
Yes, I am the original artist, and no, I didn't copy anything else. I know there's loads like this around now but there certainly wasn't when I drew this :)
I love that so many people were inspired, and there's certainly room aboard my bandwagon for everyone ;)
If you use this as inspiration please credit me, then I can put you in my special favorite folder:…

Last Piece by DestinyBlue She's brOKen by DestinyBlue Broken Window to the Soul by DestinyBlue If tears left scars... by DestinyBlue Smile... by DestinyBlue :icondestinyblue:
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NightShadow154 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist
I can relate to this so much that I'm rendered speechless. Great work.
cookieloveroverhere Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  New member
this is so sad but really great :D i love your style i am looking at your gallary and it looks so amazing :O thanks for your amazingness :D
JippieKaJee Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Holy shit.I'm gonna try to be a bit softer since I don't know your situation and you're art can be truly nice and skilled,and I don't want to hammer you on that.Your art Is adorable yet you also are experienced with some different style(s).

But I just don't get this context,and I don't get why people always make this kind of thing as If to express their emotions through some simple,over-used message done by some simple,over-used  method of visual narration.

I have nothing personally against you and I have no Idea what your current situation Is,but without being too much of a dick and just trying to tell you something because of the art you made with this context : Atleast make something that makes me think :"Damn,that's some emotion."

Shit do I know If you are doing this kind of thing for yourself or for the rest of the world,there are people that do and even If you wouldtell me you're just doing It for yourself and no one else,I still wouldn't exactly know If you would be telling me the truth or not,since nothing can truly even give me a hint with this art.

You don't need to change for me,If you were,you should do It for yourself.But I am In no state of supporting these kind of pieces because wether It's anime or some unfancy photoshop photo done by a lot of angsty teenagers and young-adults,they're almost all really shallow.If you truly only had a paper mouth,then how come you're crying since that would wet It (I'm just saying this objectively,nothing figurally).

Again I don't hate you,and I am sorry If I do come over as a dick but this kind of stuff truly Is nothing praise worthy In my opinion.People who make this crap are again,angsty teenagers who go to deviantart to make dumb art about how people In the "lame,real" world don't know anything about the Internet or go to tumblr to whine about how uncultural people there age are and how dumb and unworthy their schools/societies are (These sites are just examples,but It really happens a lot.These sites both can have good things,though).

I've been like that : Talk bad shit about my oh so terrible life just to make myself different from all these other teenagers while I honestly was at the same time just as worse like them (If they even were) for thinking that way.

You know what,summary :"If you are going to make art to explain your emotional complexed situation or life and you really just need to "draw" It out,or any creative activity that will help you just bring out your word and let people know that some things are "not okay",atleast make It better then just some piece of note paper In front of a girl's mouth with a smiley on It to reference to a masquerade of hidding your true feelings.It's been done before,you could just as easily upload that kind of stuff here,link to the person who made It and you're done.

I know I sound like a dick.In more of my comments,I do.Why?First,this Is Deviantart and there truly Is some dumb art here that Is accepted by everyone because everyone wants to support each other.But supporting each other Into the wrong way Isn't that much of a good thing.Being nice Is something different from that.

So,I'm sorry for that.I'm sorry for sounding like a dick,even though I mean the words I wrote.I am not nitpicking on you,I just wish for rather you to know that because you are one of those people that makes things look nice In your work and I just wish to give some feedback differently from "oh so cute" or "I understand you,this,you're strong".Those comments are Innocent,but they are here so much that I wonder when someone will give good feedback for someone to actually GROW In their work.

Again,sorry,but please try to understand what I'm trying to say here.I don't hate you,I really don't.Your art Is,once again saying It,really nice and has It's own kind of flare.

Goodluck In future work!
BITE-ME-UNIVERSE Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Thank you for making these. This helps a lot.
RoseliaTyler Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  New member
is that time lord for "not okay at all?"
because i'm fine, too.
parrygripplover Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dogman0 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
...pain is how we know we are still alive, it also gives us a measure to compare the joys of life. I hope that you have found joy, and if you haven't yet, that you keep trying. Have a good day, and enjoy a laugh or two.
Candie-The-Fluffy Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2014  Student General Artist
your artwork captures my pain perfectly… its nice to have someone that understands.
someguy1294 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
OH GOD MY FEELZ.  WHY!?  The pain... the paaaaaaaiiiinn!!!!
StreakyTheTiger Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student General Artist
wow... I know the feeling... I hope everything turns out ok... your pictures are amazing. Keep it up. :)
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