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May 6, 2012
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I'm Fine - Lineart by DestinyBlue I'm Fine - Lineart by DestinyBlue
If you haven't seen this before please check out my original----> <----with colour and description and everything. I'm feeling a lot better than when I drew this thank you. This is the Lineart being posted later.

You have my permission to colour this, no need to ask :)

This is actually a full PSD file. All the different sections for coloring are on separate layers- skin/hair/eyes etc so you can really easily have a go at colouring yourself! Click 'download' for it :) This will work work in Paint Tool SAI, OpenCanvas, gimp and obviously photoshop as well as many others XD

:bulletblue:Wherever posted online you must give written credit to me for the lines "Lineart by *DestinyBlue" something like that, so people know who drew it, and a link back to this lineart.
:bulletblue: Do not remove the copyright text.
:bulletblue:Not for commercial use
:bulletblue:You may not use the colours from my coloured version (be original :D)
--Be respectful, I provide lineart for your enjoyment and learning. Please follow the rules :)

:bulletgreen:I offer this as a tool for you to learn, please try your best at shading and highlights, think about her character, lighting, mood, the background, textures, and get creative~! :D

I couldn't tell you how many people requested I put this up, thanks for the pacients
Edits to the lines are welcome, you can make the writing say something else, feel free to make the canvas bigger as well. ~Have fun! ^0^

Featured drawings:

A whole gallery of my linearts can be found here: [link] should you be interested in colouring more :D
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purplepandamustache.deviantart…  First time using photoshop so it was a fail! :iconidkplz:
divergenthp Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to do this now! It fits my OC Perfectly
FluffyShadowPaw Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
But I don't know how to shadeeeeee! *uses annoying little kid voice*
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