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March 1, 2012
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Broken Window to the Soul by DestinyBlue Broken Window to the Soul by DestinyBlue

I always loved the phrase 'the eyes are the window to the soul' and wanted to convey that here, but if the windows broken who knows what might be inside...
The drawing, while linked, isn't so much about suicide and suicidal ideation, but more about how the eyes can give away someones feelings if your prepared to look deep enough.

Drawn in some darker times for me, things are getting better, I really wouldn't be posting this if they weren't.
Textures from:

Thank you for your support everyone. It's very touching, I know I'm not alone :)

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UnremmitingHope Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks just like me...
SilverbackSis Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg. If I would write you a critique, I would, but this will be my critic:

I just love this picture! The idea looks as if she wants to kill herself, but she can't. I love the shading and the expression of her face. Her eyes look as if her eyes were made of glass and they cracked, making a glow from them. This is absolutely beautiful! Those guys better have made this a DD.
TyneCrevan Mar 20, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Gorgeous <3 I love the concept and the contrast between the color of her eyes and the rest of the picture
Wonderful work Clap
All of your pictures are so amazing
Scr1b3 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What if a person's blind?...
amy2544 Mar 8, 2014  Student General Artist
... We are like, living the same dark times in life. Everything I'm drawing the last few days... Tells a story from a piece of my life... Though I didn't submit them all.....
RabaD Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist
love your work
RadiantGloom Feb 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Everything you do is so great I cannot even think about not absolutely loving all of your work
xXCaLcUlAtEdRiSkXx Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the deep meanings behind each of your just makes the art so much more intriguing
explosivelight Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to disturb you and all but your work has been stolen at… .
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